Dog Pound Expo 2024

November 8-10th

Join us at Dog Pound Expo 2024 for an unforgettable charity-driven speed-running experience like no other! Get ready to make a difference while having a blast with fellow gamers and supporters. Your participation means the world to us, as well as ‘To Write Love on Her Arms.’ We can’t wait to see you in November!








Over 10k Raised for charity!

14+ Streamers

News and Updates

Celeste Speed Runners Wanted!

We're well into spring, and besides the flowers blooming outside, we're looking to expand our event with fun activities throughout the year. And right now that includes a Celeste handicap race! Are you a Celeste speed runner? Would you like to compete against other...

Dog Pound Expo 2023: Conclusion

As we head towards Thanksgiving here in the States, we have a lot of thanks to give to all our runners, staff, and donors! With the concerted effort from all of you, we raised $1540 for our reoccurring charity: To Write Love On Her Arms. It is incredibly humbling when...

Announcement: DPX 2023!

  Hello and welcome again to the Dog Pound Expo blog! Dog Pound Expo is alive for 2023! This year we're planning for the weekend of November 10-12th, a full weekend of speed-running mayhem! Keep your eyes peeled, as signups to be part of this fantastic event will be...

Dog Pound Expo 2022 Announcement

Hello and welcome again to the Dog Pound Expo blog! Dog Pound Expo 2022 is now officially on the way and with that comes signups to become part of our wonderful event! If you have any interest in becoming part of the show, be sure to sign up here! The sooner you sign...

DPX2021 is Near!

Update: A few things have happened since we last posted! Submissions for this year's DPX 2021 have closed and the schedule of the the event is now LIVE! For the first time in DPX history we will have an overnight segment, meaning that when the streams start on Friday...

Welcome to the new site!

Update: Ok, we have a bit to go through. Major, Major, site updates. We have completely redesigned the site. Huge thanks to the web team who made this site a reality! We will no longer be using google forms for registration and google sheets for the schedule....

DPX2020 Comes to a close

Update: As DPX 2020 comes to a close, having raised $3,288.70 for TWLOHA. I just wanted to thank everyone involved, whether as a viewer, a runner, a donator, a host/manager, a loved one of any of those, or anyone else who has helped in any way, I am extremely humbled...

Dog Pound Expo 2020 Is Close!

Update: The site has gotten a lot of new updates, and the schedule is now published! This year, all the runners has been added to a new page on the site. Go give it a look. Only a few more weeks untill DPX!!!

Dog Pound Expo 2020 Is coming!

Update: The site has gotten some minor updates, and we have open submission for all speedruns and all skill showcases! DPX 2020 is the second annual Speedrunning Marathon raising money for Charity. Last year it raised $1,500 for To Write Love on Her Arms...

DPX2019 Comes to a close

Update: DPX has come to a conclusion! After torturing 5 other people with Kaizo, we finished the stream off with $1,541.19! Thank you to Meddadog, Pharrogyami, i4_Matthew, PGA_Mexican and many more for organizing this amazing event! Keep in touch because there will be...

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