Announcement: DPX 2023!

by | May 20, 2023


Hello and welcome again to the Dog Pound Expo blog!

Dog Pound Expo is alive for 2023! This year we’re planning for the weekend of November 10-12th, a full weekend of speed-running mayhem! Keep your eyes peeled, as signups to be part of this fantastic event will be opening on July 1st. Be sure to check out our code of conduct first though! It pays to be in the know, as DPX is an equal opportunity event, with people from many walks of life taking part.

As the date gets closer and people sign up, you’ll get to see what times are available, and who’s running on our schedule page! So keep an eye out for your favorite runners as they take the stage, or plan accordingly when you’re getting ready to sign up.

Keep your ears to the ground as posts will be on the way as the year continues with helpful information about the event and our runners!

Until then,