Dog Pound Expo

Dog Pound Expo (DPX) is a speedrunning charity fundraiser that was founded in 2019 by Meddadog. With the desire to support nonprofit organizations such as To Write Love On Her Arms, Meddadog wanted an event that would both support mental health, as well as give his community an opportunity to come together both for fun, and this important cause. Together with PGA_Mexican and Z3thros, they made that dream a reality by creating Dog Pound Expo!

To this day, Dog Pound Expo’s mission is to raise money for mental health and other important causes. (For example, our live streams to raise money for ‘Save the Children: Ukraine Crisis Fund’) through fundraising live streams and other digital events. A determined team continues to keep this dream alive, with a full array of speed runners volunteering time and effort to entertain and raise money for charity.

Over the past 5 years, Dog Pound Expo has raised over $10,000 for charity and has no plans to stop while there are still organizations in need. Join us to continue fostering a great community, and support this noble cause.

Dog Pound Expo 2023 Begins In: