Code Of Conduct

Dog Pound Expo (DPX) is a charity event held on an annual basis with an emphasis on streaming games done quickly (GDQ)/speed running video games to raise money for a given charity organization.

A runner/commentator may be used interchangeably to identify someone who participates in DPX, specifically someone who engages in the event in a manner in which they will be broadcasted and partake in the event. Note: code of conduct of runners is not strictly limited to the duration of the event being broadcasted and the occurrence of the event.

Staff/staff member(s) may be used interchangeably to identify someone/members who is a standing staff member of the DPX board. A staff/staff member(s) may also be a runner/commentator.

 A runner’s time on and off stream represents not only the individual, but the event, the charity, and DPX sponsors and partners. The behavior and conduct of runners are expected to be held to certain standards. Behaviors and conduct will be described below, but may not be inclusive of all expectations staff will have of runners and will be left to the discretion of staff upon any criteria not cited below.


  1. Language. Occasional swearing is permissible during the event. Speedrunning can be an intense experience, and in the heat of the moment, it is easy to let some foul language fly. However, please keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable around it, and excessive swearing may lead to runners being suspended from future DPX events.

Besides swearing itself, hate speech of any sort will lead to a permanent ban from future DPX events. This includes transphobia, racism, and bigotry of any sort. Hatred is not welcome here, and will be dealt with harshly, quickly, and severely.

Additionally, certain potentially controversial topics are to be avoided- this includes political and religious discussions as well as grandstanding or any language intended to create controversy. Runners and commentators are expected to abide by this at all times.


  1. Conduct. As stated above, a runner’s time on camera represents the runner and the event as a whole. A runner chooses the tone of their run. While DPX encourages a positive and engaging atmosphere, it is understandable if certain parts of a run call for silence, concentration, or otherwise an intensity. We ask that runners make sure to outline this whenever possible, and that this is discussed with any commentators they bring into the event as well. 

By submitting a run to DPX, a runner commits to an agreed-upon amount of time for a speedrun based on the information they have submitted to staff. Staff work hard to ensure a fun, timely schedule for runners and viewers alike. If a runner is unable to meet this commitment, they MUST let staff know as soon as possible! Last-minute cancellations without an acceptable excuse may result in suspension from future DPX events. Acceptable excuses are at the discretion of staff.


  1. Drug Use. DPX comes from a community where drunken speedrunning was something enjoyed by all. Although this aspect is to be remembered, reasonable expectations for both the runners and the event as a whole are in place. Obvious drinking (beer/liquor bottles, etc.), smoking, vaping, and/or using illicit substances while on stream is strictly prohibited. Drinking alcohol from, for example, a glass, a solo cup, etc., is acceptable within reason. While DPX cannot and will not police runners off stream, runners are expected to be sober enough to complete their runs- visible intoxication (with exceptions such as a Drunk% run or something otherwise allowed by DPX staff) may result in suspension from future DPX events at the discretion of the staff.


  1. Hardware. Runners should have their hardware, software, and audio/video in working order before their scheduled runs. It is recommended to test the hardware at least 1 calendar week in advance, and the day before the run.

While DPX staff can provide very limited support in regards to troubleshooting, each runner will be responsible for their own setup and to ensure it is ready in advance of the event.

DPX will provide runners with any overlays, graphics, or required materials to match the standards for streaming put forth by the event. 

Preventable hardware failures may remove a runner from consideration for future DPX events.

Accidents do happen of course, and in the event of unintentional hardware failure, runners will not be subject to disciplinary action.