DPX2019 Comes to a close

by | Dec 8, 2019


DPX has come to a conclusion! After torturing 5 other people with Kaizo, we finished the stream off with $1,541.19! Thank you to Meddadog, Pharrogyami, i4_Matthew, PGA_Mexican and many more for organizing this amazing event!

Keep in touch because there will be announcements through out the year for DPX2020! But until then, we hope you enjoyed the event! We sure did! We would once again like to thank everyone who ran in the marathon! Remote and Live.

All raffle winners will be announced in a week! Last thing, shout out to LAGrGaming for sponsoring this event. We appreciate the help that you’ve giving us. All proceeds have gone to TWLOHA.

We hope to see you next year!